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"ENTERUSER", or simply "USER", is a Melbourne based brand, with an emphasis on being a user based experience. Established in 2021, USER is a concept conceived from local Melbournian brothers, Jayden and Tom. Receiving a lot of inspiration from their interests, as well as love for Japanese culture and streetwear, USER was launched to help establish a place for the Australian creatives to get their foot in the door with creating and producing their own products.

The concept being "user based" refers to bringing a platform for other creatives, professional or not, to offer to contribute directly and showcase their designs, with our assistance of course.

The idea of brands, creatives, and locals, assisting and helping eachother grow is important to us at USER. This is why we will gladly support, work with and stand by other locals, instead of seeing them as "competitors".

Welcome to USER.

Constructed, by you.

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